You will guide and empower others to discover their unique talents, skills and potential with a proven transformational 90-day program.

We all want to make a positive impact on the world.

We want to feel financially secure while helping others feel the same.

Most people do nothing about it…


Not YOU…YOU take the ACTION necessary to improve yourself
and your life.




You know you were put here for a purpose. You aren’t sure what that is, but you KNOW the key is in helping others.

I am thrilled to tell you about an opportunity to achieve something remarkable in your life helping yourself and others get what they want in life.

I have a PROVEN TRANSFORMATIONAL PROGRAM I would like you to facilitate.


Whether you are…


An experienced teacher


A coach


Starting a new career


A business owner wanting another stream of income


Someone wanting to take your career to the next level


I have been all of the above, so I know how you feel.

I have a “done for you” program that I need people like yourself to walk others through.

This program will certify YOU to teach others how to discover their gifts, talents, skills. You will be teaching them how to make the money they deserve with what they already.



“I was just talking to my wife about all the investments we have made to improve ourselves and which ones have really paid off. Only a couple rose to the top and spending time with Patricia has been one of them, and it has been worth every penny (if not more).

I invested in a couple of Masters degrees and have gone through various seminars and courses but the short 2 months I spent with Patricia completely blew away any of those previous investments in terms of return on my time and money. I really wish a program like Your Gift is Your Niche was available to me earlier in my career. What a great concise program - to dig deeper to uncover your special sauce and then to learn how make money doing that all day long.

There are people out there who have found their purpose and are doing what they love. For the rest of us I don't think there is a better program out there to get us there. Patricia is genuinely interested in helping those who are genuinely interested in finding their purpose."

~ Piyush Parikh,




Here is my story:

Years ago, as a school teacher, I had one child after another asking me “Mrs. Drain what should I be when I grow up?”

They were in the 2nd grade.

Fast forward to me owning an Executive Recruiting business in Phoenix AZ and now they were 40+ years old asking me the same thing.

“Patricia what should I be when I grow up?” They thought it was a novel idea, but it was the 100th time I heard it that week.



I knew the time had come to begin writing a book.

However, that just lead to a program I developed called Your Gift is Your Niche, soon to also be known as DISCOVER HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.


This is where YOU come in.

We need to spread the word. I have a tool/program that can help people do just that. So if you are someone who enjoys helping others because it makes you feel empowered, happy and fulfilled, then…

THIS IS FOR YOU... BECOME A CERTIFIED FACILITATOR for this life-changing program... Your Gift is Your Niche.


Here is my definition of SUCCESS:


“Discovering the talents,

skills and gifts you came

into this world with,

learning how to

monetize those skills,

so you can live

the lifestyle you

CHOOSE to live.”


~Patricia Noel Drain


“I have known Patricia for a number of years and have always admired and respected her – just waiting for the right opportunity of working with her. Along came YOUR GIFT IS YOUR NICHE...YOUR NICHE WILL MAKE YOU RICH, and when it became possible for me to participate, I jumped at the chance. From personally isolating my gifts/talents/strengths to asking ten friends their perceptions of my strengths, (a-ha! I realized I do have a few! I got started with a bang and much excitement and motivation.

I had been thinking about this ‘thing’ that I am passionate about for quite a while, yet didn’t know how to turn it into a business. In my first coaching session with Patricia, we discovered the potential in my idea, isolated a URL, and I bought it immediately after ending the coaching session. I was on my way. Now, every day, I’m isolating the content of a program. I’m clarifying my target audience and beginning to write articles, blog entries, and visit blogs and forums in my subject area to gain clarity of what is going on in the field right now.

I’m excited for my future, look forward to my next coaching call with Patricia, and uncovering more revelations in the process! If you’ve had an idea and burning desire, yet were in a quandary of how to turn it into a business, PATRICIA DRAIN could be the help you are waiting for!”

~ Cindy Caldwell


Finally, there is a program that can help others make the money they deserve with what they already know.

When people awaken their own potential, it is magical. With you guiding them through this program…you become the expert. And you become the expert with a very affordable investment of your time and money.

I have spent years interviewing, asking the right questions, so I understand what people needed.

What they responded with was “I need help to discover all of my talents, but also learning how to make money with those talents, in an authentic way.”


It is your turn


To become the expert


To become who you were meant to be


To discover your purpose


…when you enroll in our very Affordable Certification Program.


You will personally go through the program with your own private certified facilitator so you can “feel” the results.
  You will be guided step-by-step how to teach the program with our Facilitators Kit.
  You will see how you can integrate this program with what you are already teaching.
  You will be guided with a marketing plan to get new clients.
  You will receive a proven conversational selling formula.
  You will receive my 6+ figure Business Model Blueprint.

Most training programs only teach how to teach.


It is an extensive program that takes you from personally experiencing the program to learning how to teach the program!


  Discovering how to get clients
  Selling the program
  Variety of ways to price the program

You will also have access to other Certified Facilitators at our LIVE event and also on our private site.


“I consider myself an innovative and motivated person, however, I was in a place in my life where I was discouraged by my uninspired routine in my business life, feeling unappreciated, underpaid and basically, bored to death. Patricia’s marketing material for Your Gift Is Your Niche caught my eye, and I haven’t looked back since. I found her engaged in peoples’ lives, attentive, encouraging, and willing to share her own proven ideas and tips from her own successes. I like her no-nonsense approach to getting people motivated and on their way with a road map to get to where they want to go. Great Speaker!

~ Susie Redinger, Entrepreneur, Mortgage Banker transitioning to a New Career!




Work from anywhere in the world


Be given a digital certified signature for your site


Become listed in our Directory


Receive a completely “done for you” curriculum


Create another stream of income


Begin TODAY only if you are ready
to take your career and life to another level.

“I wish I had a program like this handed to me to teach when I was starting out, it would have been so much easier.”



Email to see if this is a good fit for you personally, professionally and financially. Or call our headquarters at 480-275-2255 and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

This is one of the most affordable certification programs out there today!